Best Christmas Light Clips – Easiest Way To Hang Holiday Lights

Hanging Christmas lights can be a real chore. The best way is to use clips instead of staples, nails, glue, or tape. Clips are great because they can be used more than once, are not permanent, and won’t leave as much damage as staples or glue. They are also much quicker to use, and won’t run the risk of ruining the wires on your lights. There’s been many times where I accidentally stapled the wires and had to repair it to get the lights to work again. Clips are also easy to remove, even easier than putting them up. At the end of the holidays, you’ll be happy that you can take your lights down in a few minutes.

These holiday light clips come in all shapes and sizes and are used for various locations and types of lighting. Deck or eave clips allow you to attach lights to the bottom part of your roof. Shingle or gutter clips allow you to attach lights to the top edge of your roof. You can even use both to have two strands of lights going around the edge of your roof.

Here are the top clips we found on Amazon.

Club Pack of 25 Christmas Light Holders Deck Clip Hooks

These deck or eave clips are great for attaching lights to deck railings or your eaves. They allow you to quickly attach lights to the bottom part of your roof’s edge. I usually attach the lights by placing the wire up against the wood, and not using the extra clip, so that the lights appear more flush and straight. If taken care of, these can be used multiple seasons. Can be used with C6, C7, C9, miniature, icicle, LED and rope lights.

Price: $4.99
List Price: $6.49
Manufacturer: Adams
Color: White
Price Checked: 2016-12-8

  • plastic
  • decorative

100ct Outdoor Gutter and Shingle Clips for C7, C9 or Mini Christmas Lights

Light strings attach to the clip through wire guides to securely hold lights. No forcing or twisting, they attach to the top part of the edge of your roof. Each clip is perfect for aligning icicle lights on gutters in traditional horizontal orientation, and also work great on clay tile roofs, or for unique installations. These are great for larger lights as well, because they keep the lights all facing the same direction. These can be used for multiple seasons if taken care of.

Price: $5.99
List Price: $7.49
Manufacturer: Dyno
Color: clear
Price Checked: 2016-12-8


100pcs 1/2″ 13mm Clear PVC LED Rope Light Holder Wall Mounting Clips Accessories Standard Size

The plastic brackets are useable for light rope and other applications where you may want to hold an item in place. Two of these in a corner can hold the item from moving as they can be screwed or nailed in two directions 90 degrees apart to form a circle. If you don’t want to use the screws, a glue gun can also be used. They’re great for holding the lights facing a certain direction.

Price: $4.82
List Price: $4.83
Manufacturer: Yescom
Color: Set of 100 Pcs
Price Checked: 2016-12-8

  • Brand: DELightâ„¢
  • Clear PVC, 13mm Standard Size
  • Easy Mounting
  • Two Holes for Mounting (Screws are Not Included)
  • Package Content: 100pc Holders

Clear Decorating Hooks, Pack of 40 Removable Mini Clips with Self-Adhesive Strips

These are self-adhesive clips, and are best for indoor locations where it won’t get wet. They’re also better for smaller lights, and can be used anywhere you would use tape or glue guns. These hooks are quite small and since they are small they are only good for small and light weight items to hang up with.

Price: $8.99
List Price: $8.99
Manufacturer: Poxee
Model: No Model
Size: 40 Pack
Color: Clear
Price Checked: 2016-12-8

  • IDEAL FOR CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Keep the wires organized and safely out of the way
  • REUSABLE: Removes easily and cleanly, so you can them as often as you pleased
  • DAMAGE FREE HOOKS – No need to make holes on the wall and installs in a flash
  • STRONG TO HOLD: Perfect to hold light stuff up to 200g (7 oz) weight limit
  • APPLY AND REMOVES EASILY: Apply and removes clips without damaging the walls

Holiday Lighting Outlet All-In-One Plus Christmas Light Clip, Works on Gutters & Shingles. Pack of 25

These clips are great for hanging C7, C9, C6, mini lights and icicle lights on your shingles and gutters. According to the description, this set is called the “Plus” due to its ability to hang two strings at once, this clip is favored for those hanging mini lights and icicle lights at the same time. These are great for larger lights as well, because they keep the lights all facing the same direction. These can be used for multiple seasons if taken care of.

Price: $7.99
List Price: $9.99
Manufacturer: Holiday Lighting Outlet
Color: Clear
Price Checked: 2016-12-8

  • Christmas light clip hangs C7, C9, mini lights, mini icicle lights and C6 bulbs
  • Hangs on gutters and shingles
  • Gives bulb horizontal orientation on gutters & vertical orientation on shingles
  • Creates perfect look on the roof
  • Folding tab at end adds security to fit underneath shingles.

Christmas light or Holiday light clips are a great investment. They’re cheap and save your eaves and walls from more costly staple holes and nails. After a few seasons of staples, your roof will thank you.

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