Best Gifts for Dogs

Dog gifts are always fun to shop for. You can get holiday themed gifts, season themed gifts, or anything themed for that matter. Usually most dogs don’t care, but their owners do. So if you’re buying a treat or toy, make sure it’s approved by the owner first. Some dog owners can be very picky with what they give to their dogs.

On that note, here’s a list of cool dog toys that should be approved by most owners.

KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose, Medium Dog Toy, Brown

The KONG Cozies are cute, soft and cuddly plush toys that are made with an extra layer of material to make them extra tough. Cozies are perfect for a game of fetch or great as a comfort toy for your furry friend. A reviewer says, “My 6 year old female German Shepherd Dog absolutely ADORES this stuffed Kong Moose. She’s had it for several months now and plays with it daily.”

Price: $2.36
List Price: $9.49
Manufacturer: KONG
Model: ZY26
Size: Medium
Color: Marvin the Moose
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Minimal filling for minimal mess
  • Extra layer of material to increase strength
  • Squeaks to help entice play
  • Not for chew sessions
  • Available in 10 fun characters

Providence Engraving Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Cat and Dog

Who doesn’t need a new dog tag? What a great gift, for your favorite dog, cat, or even person. A reviewer says, “We received the tags today and they look awesome! I am pleasantly surprised.”

Price: $3.70
List Price: $3.70
Manufacturer: Providence Engraving
Model: Other case
Size: m
Color: Pink
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Premium Quality Anodized Aluminum Pet ID Tags for Dogs and Cats
  • To complete your purchase Please Click on customize now
  • In the Customization Utility You May Specify Your size, shape, color and add upto 4 lines of custom text on each side Color Options: Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Gold, Silver, Black, Orange or Size Options: Small or Large
  • The Cat Face and Paw Shapes Are Embossed on One Side so for the Best Result We Recommend Engraving These Shapes on a Single Side Only
  • Small Tags are Approximately 1 inch in Diameter While Large Tags are Approximately 1.3 inches in Diameter. In General, Size small is Recommended for Toy Dog Breeds and All Cats.

Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Curved wishbone shape to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going. Deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and flavor. Real ingredients and real flavor – made with super-strong nylon and 100% bacon for irresistible flavor and scent.

Price: $11.59
List Price: $11.95
Manufacturer: Benebone
Model: BNE-002
Size: Medium
Color: Brown
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Patented ergonomic design – Curved wishbone shape to allow dogs to pop-up one end and get a satisfying chew going
  • Deep grooves which allow pups to get a good bite and increased surface area for improved scent and Flavor
  • Real ingredients and real Flavor – made with super-strong nylon and 100% bacon for irresistible Flavor and scent
  • Not recommended for dogs heavier than 70 pounds
  • Made in the USA

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs – Launches Mini Tennis Balls, Small

Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, the award-winning iFetch launches miniature tennis balls 10, 20, or 30 feet, saving the day (and your arm) when you’re too tired (or too busy) to keep playing. A reviewer says, “Absolutely love this and so does my dog.”

Price: $115.00
List Price: $115.00
Manufacturer: iFetch, LLC
Model: 1
Size: Small
Color: white/blue
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Stimulates dogs minds by challenging them to learn something new
  • Comes with three 1.5-inch mini-tennis balls these are not full size tennis balls
  • Interactive on demand ball launcher that lets small dogs play fetch to their hearts’ content
  • Strengthens the bond between dogs and their humans
  • This is the small iFetch. The iFetch Too is the bigger version that launches standard size tennis balls.

TRIXIE Pet Products Flip Board, Level 2

Dogs are very playful and intelligent animals. Channel their energy and curiosity into something positive with trixie’s flip board. It is ideal for the intermediate canine gamer. A reviewer says, “Our pup absolutely loves this. She sees us putting in the treats, and pounces on this as soon as we lower it to the ground.”

Price: $12.19
List Price: $17.96
Manufacturer: Trixie Pet Products
Model: 32026
Size: 9 x 9 x 1 in.
Color: Red/Yellow/Black
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • For intermediate canine players
  • Flip lids using knobs
  • Slide disks to side
  • Lift up cones note that design prevents cones from being knocked over they must be lifted straight up to remove
  • Vary number and placement of treats to increase level of difficulty

Nylabone Dura Chew Giant Bacon and Chicken Flavored Bone Dog Chew Toy, Twin Pack

Give your dog something good to chew on. This Nylabone two-pack includes one chicken-flavored and one bacon-flavored DuraChew Bone. Made with tough, durable nylon, DuraChew Bones are designed for powerful chewers. A reviewer says, “I have found that these are the only things my dogs love and enjoy, and take some time to get through.”

Price: $7.00
List Price: $16.99
Manufacturer: Nylabone
Model: NVD004VPP
Size: Giant/Large
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • DuraChew toys are made to be long lasting for powerful chewers
  • Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar
  • Provides long-lasting entertainment; fights boredom
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew
  • Made with durable nylon for powerful chewers

PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy, Medium

Babble Balls are interactive toys that talk when touched. The technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing on it, or just by the vibration of a pet walking past it. When play is finished, the Babble Ball turns off automatically and waits to be touched again. A reviewer says, “If you want to blow your dogs mind , I really recommend this product , there are hours of laughing with my dog that has this ball.”

Price: $6.00
List Price: $10.99
Manufacturer: Pet Qwerks
Model: TBB2
Size: Medium
Release Date: 2007-07-12
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Talking interactive toy makes over 20 wisecracks & sounds
  • Durable construction with replaceable batteries
  • Motion activated and turn off automatically/sleep mode
  • Healthy fun, great exercise and helps with boredom
  • Package color may vary

Outward Hound Kyjen Hedgehogz Squeak Toy for Dogs

Expect huge fun with Outward Hound Hedgehogz! These classic toys are made with irresistible squeakers, Molar-Tough shapes and soft faux-fur to keep your pup playing longer! A reviewer says, “My huge German Shepherd loves his toys…and the noisier the better, in his opinion.”

Price: $4.60
List Price: $4.65
Manufacturer: Kyjen
Model: 32022
Size: Large
Color: Brown
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Features minimal seams and soft-faux fur
  • Lovable, huggable & durable fun
  • Irresistible noisemakers keep pups engaged
  • Grunts, squeaks & rattles

3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo, Blue Moon

This stacking 3-piece combo includes a 33-quart container, 12-quart container and a 2-cup matching food scoop. The 33-quart container holds up to 25-pounds while the 12-quart container holds up to 10-pounds. Both containers feature airtight seals and snap-lock latches to keep out moisture, humidity and pests while the translucent body allows you to check food level at a glance. Great for dog food, cat food, bird seed, treats or any type of pet food. A reviewer says, “Not only are these containers airtight,they are also dog proof! I left my 3 boxers inside the house with 2 sets of these contaners and came home to find them in various places in the house, with numerous scratches and bite marks, but still closed and the contents safe! Attempts at self-feeding were foiled!”

Price: $10.99
List Price: $27.99
Manufacturer: IRIS USA
Model: 301127
Size: 33-Quart and 12-Quart
Color: Blue Moon
Price Checked: 2016-12-11

  • Includes a 33-quart airtight container, 12-quart airtight container and 2-cup matching food scoop
  • 33-quart container stores up to 25-pounds and measures 16.5″L x 10.8″W x 18.6″H
  • 12-quart container stores up to 10-pounds and measures 16.5″L x 10.8″W x 6.5″H
  • Airtight seals and snap-lock latches keep out moisture, humidity and pests so food stays fresh
  • Made in the USA; BPA free/FDA compliant material

Be creative with dogs gifts, and you’ll make their day. A dog can never have too many toys!

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