Must Have Accessories for Your Hydro Flask

I’m sure someone’s already convinced you to buy a hydro flask. Once they do that, you’ll need to customize it to fit your needs. I always recommend the lid of your choice, and a handle for carrying it around. Remember, you have to treat these bottles the same as your phone because they will dent really easily. Check out some of my favorite hydro flask accessories below.

Hydro Flask 40 oz Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Leak Proof Sports Water Bottle, Wide Mouth with BPA Free Flex Cap, Black

First you need the HydroFlask itself. Choose between 18, 32, 40, and 64 oz sizes. I’ve got a 32 for carrying around, and a 40 for the sitting in the car all day while running errands. It stays cold all day, even in 100 degree weather. 64 is ridiculous, unless maybe you’re going camping or something. Double up for golfing too – one for water, and one for beer. Note: check the amazon descriptions, there all kinds of colors and different lid options.

View on Amazon, $42.95 on 7-5-2017

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Straw Lid, Black

A must have for water drinkers. Just remember to cut the straw to fit the hydroflask you have. I had a friend who didn’t cut it, and spent a few months struggling to suck any water out of it.

View on Amazon, $11.49 on 7-5-2017

America’s #1 Hydro Flask Water Bottle Carrier – Worry-free HydroCord Handle, Paracord Strap and Safety Ring Free You Up When You’re On-the-Go, Never Again Drop or Lose Your Bottles (Mint)

If you haven’t already dropped your hydroflask, this is a great option for carrying it. It’s sturdy, and works with any of the lid options. The hydrocord is also big enough to keep your hydroflask from rolling around in the car.

View on Amazon, $18.96 on 7-5-2017

JugLug – Handle for Hydro Flask Type Bottles (Blue) 2-Pack

My personal favorite setup is the flip top lid with the juglug handle. They work great together, and are the easiest to clean of all the options. They also come in cool colors.

View on Amazon, $8.88 on 7-5-2017

Takeya Originals Bottle Spout Lid, White

Not made for hydroflask, but these can fit. Just make sure to search around to make sure you get the right size.

View on Amazon, $6.99 on 7-5-2017

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth BPA Free Travel Mug Hydro Flip Lid, Black

The flip lid is one of my favorites. Use this with the jug lug and you have a great setup. Just make sure you don’t let it roll around in your car, as mine has hit something, opened up, and leaked a few times. I’d still recommend it though.

View on Amazon, $6.95 on 7-5-2017

Hydro Flask Standard Mouth BPA Free Insulated Water Bottle Sport Cap, Black

Say hello to the first insulated Sport Cap designed specifically for your Hydro Flask. I haven’t tried this one, but the amazon reviews look ok.

View on Amazon, $8.99 on 7-5-2017

Be sure to check out the lid/bottle combinations before you buy. You don’t have to get the regular lid on Amazon if you’re going to change it anyways.

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